Hourly Consultations: $125/Hour

Perfect for anyone just looking for suggestions on how to improve a room, but they can't or don't want to hire an interior designer for the whole project. Hourly consultations will help to point one in the right direction, for anything from remodels to getting ready for an event/party at their home. This is even a good option for someone trying to sell their house.

Items that can be discussed during consultations:

  • paint colors or finish options (for walls, cabinets, etc...)
  • help with selection of tile, countertops or even fixtures for kitchens or baths
  • furniture layout
  • placement of accessories and/or artwork
  • ideas for furniture, rugs, window treatments, accessories, lighting, etc...
  • sources for where the home can find things to improve their room


2-Day Makeovers: Price varies depending on the room

This option is great for someone that needs a room freshened up with rearranging the homeowners' own furniture and then using current and bringing in new accessories, rugs, artwork, window treatments, lighting or other smaller items. This is not suggested for someone that's looking for new furniture, but not impossible either. Again, this is something that could be discussed during the consult. The first day/meeting would be a consult to discuss what room(s) the homeowner would like to address and what their hopes are for that particular space. Erin G Interior's team would then come back within the next week to redo the room.